Matthew + Peter's Wine Country Engagement!

I had already been eagerly awaiting getting to take these photos for a long time when I got the call from my friend Matt telling me he was going to propose to his boyfriend Peter. He asked me if I'd be able to fly out for the weekend to take their engagement pictures, to which I complained and moaned about having to go all the way to San Francisco. Yeah right, I was pumped to be able to go. It was actually a great setup and anyone reading this who has not proposed should take notes. The proposal itself happened on the Friday I landed at SFO but Matt and Peter were not at the airport to greet me. Instead they had the afternoon at one of their favorite vineyards, Bella, north of the city in Healdsburg. Matt had a slew of surprises for Peter throughout the day such as a private tasting room meal and a picnic at the top of the highest point in the vineyard. This was the hill where Matt did get down on one knee and ask Peter to marry him. :) The surprises continued with a 5 course dinner in downtown Healdsburg and a stay at a Bed and Breakfast for the night.

Think that's all ? Take a deep breath, this was just on friday. The weekend continued as myself, and one of Peter's closest friends who had also flown in from New York woke up way too early to make the drive out of the city and to this bed and breakfast where we were both able to surprise Peter for breakfast. We spent the day tasting at a few vineyards, snapping some photos, and returning to Bella where we did most of the pictures to celebrate their engagement. At the end of the day we headed back into the city where there was, you guessed it, another surprise party for Peter at his own apartment with some other close friends in town to celebrate his birthday, and their new engagement.

Sunday afternoon was celebrated with an amazing brunch in the city followed by a trip down to China Beach to get a few more shots because you can't have a San Francisco engagement without pictures of the Golden Gate. I do have to say though, Matt and Peter were champs. You may notice one image in particular where the waves are crashing around them. It is my favorite shot of the weekend but probably not for the same reasons you might think it is. I do love the image, I think it is some of my better work and I'm incredibly proud of it. But, it has more meaning to it than the average shot because of what Matt and Peter had to go through to get it. Rather than ruin the surprise, just look for the link at the bottom of this post and I guarantee you won't regret it.

Want to get a behind the scenes look at what goes into taking a great picture? Of course you do!


photosbyms said...

China Beach shots look great. I was just out in SF earlier this month and didn't get to the southwest side of the bridge. Now I'd love to go back for sunset shots.

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